Hiatus Announcement

You read it right. We’re on a hiatus. We apologise to any of our readers who were anticipating future releases. IRL demands call, and even though scanlation has a special place in each and every one of our hearts, sometimes we have to focus on what’s important, not what we want. Until that time comes when we can continue scanlating, it’s time to say goodbye to Fah and Jane, to Oreki and the Manga Society, to Messy, and to everyone else we know and love. May your 2019 be filled with awesome, and until next time!

Nettaigyo wa Yuki ni Kogareru 1


Konatsu Amano is a high school girl who has just moved to a seaside town in Ehime Prefecture after her father is transferred overseas for his job. Lonely and unsure of her new surroundings, Konatsu finds herself gravitating towards Koyuki Honami, an older girl at her school who is popular but is seen as out of reach by her peers who view her as too perfect. Koyuki is also the sole member of the Aquarium Club, which in turn makes her feel cut off from others. In an attempt to help ease Koyuki’s and her own feelings of loneliness, Konatsu befriends Koyuki and the two gradually grow closer together.

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Teen Mom 29


One of our most popular series has another chapter! It didn’t take as long to do this one this time, so perhaps you can expect to see another one of these chapters coming out soon… Fah’s true colours are showing, and it’s scary. Is it really her evil side or is it her pregnancy speaking?

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Batoto is closing down! Our solution.

Surprise! It’s not a release announcement this time. Batoto is shutting down, which means we will not be able to post anything on there from now on. However, our releases will not be paused and will continue as normal (as they can be) and all download links will be provided as usual on the website, and a new reader is hopefully in the works too. We will also be posting full chapters on our Facebook page, so if anyone wants to read without downloading, you can go there and read the latest chapters. Until a new Batoto is found, this is how our releases will be. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks!